About Sat Control d.o.o.

R&D and factory located in EU

Sat Control is the leading innovator in the field of solar tracking industry. With over 20 years of experience in development and manufacturing of independent automotive systems, Sat Control has specialized in providing professional sun tracking solutions for large scale PV, CPV and heliostat plants. With its strong roots in automotive industry the company has been developing tracking systems since 1996, first in the field of satellite reception technology and since 2005 exclusively in the field of solar energy.

The company strongly relies on it’s ground breaking R&D and it’s in-house production facilities to deliver products and services which set new standards not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of innovation. The innovation spark to develop geniously simple yet effective solutions, is what drives the company to continuous growth and further expansion. With a track record of successfuly completed international projects, Sat control has become the preferred choice of solar plant developers worlwide when a dependable provider of tracking solutions is required.

Committed to Quality

Every product and application sold under Sat Control brand adheres to strict European Union environmental and safety directives. Sat Control also offers extended international warranty on all it’s products and services.