Linear Motor 900 mm M3

Linear Motor 900 mm ㎥

  • Construction material of linear motor: Stainless steel tubes and spindle and high carbon steel
  • Spindle type and material: ACME stainless spindle
  • Stroke lenght: 900 mm
  • Max. static load: 1500 kgf
  • Rod end type: Spherical bearing with hole dia. Ø12 mm with pivot angle of 13°
  • Speed at no load: 2,33 mm/s at no load
  • Resolution: 188 pulses/mm
  • Backlash: max 0,15 mm optionally possible less
  • Motor power supply: 24VDC +/- 15% 4A (5A current capability) (In rush 300% on max. current or soft start)
  • Power consumption in operation: Rated 36W, max. 100W at 20% duty cycle
  • Standby consumption: /
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C (optionally with artic grease for teperatures from -40°C up to +85°C)
  • Operation at humidity: 0% to 100%, relative humidity

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